My greatest passion is living a natural, healthy, and unfiltered lifestyle. I believe in holistic whole body health. I believe that your mind, body, and soul are all connected. In fact, there’s scientific evidence proving that they are. So if one is out of balance, your overall health is dramatically affected. 

Hi, I'm Rebecca Kristene - your new holistic copy & content gal.

 My journey....

Before turning to a holistic lifestyle, I found myself sick all the time. One thing after another and my life felt like it was falling apart. I saw doctor after doctor, with no real answers. Instead, prescription after prescription. Bandaids instead of addressing the root of my illness.


After finding a functional doctor, my eyes were opened to the power of living life holistically.

the best part –

I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been in my life, and now I get to use my own personal health journey to better connect with your audience on an emotional level. 

Building your brand, promoting your products, and getting your voice out there gives me purpose & fulfillment. 

Words have power, and how we use these words can change lives. I would love the opportunity to help you find the right words to connect with your audience. When you work with me, you get someone who: 

✔  Speaks your holistic health language
✔  Is truly passionate about health & wellness
✔  Has a proven track record for success 


- Amy Gilford, Marriage & Relationship Education Center

"We went from random to reliable to consistent with our organization’s presence. Rebecca hears us, she doesn’t just listen, which enables her to project our unique mission to our target audience. Working with Becky provides peace of mind!"

Happy Clients

- Lindsey Christianson, Elderberry Queen

"Rebecca has been an absolute joy to work with and I am so thankful she is on my team representing Elderberry Queen. She completes everything on time and has great communication. My organic search results on Google have gone through the roof because of her hard work."

Happy Clients

- Amy Gehling, Story Seven

"Rebecca was able to get up-to-speed quickly with my project needs & help us develop a voice for the brand. The results of our projects were thorough and polished. Communication was always clear and I always knew what to expect. You are in good hands with Rebecca."

Happy Clients

Just for fun


I'm Obsessed with baking & creating my own recipes.


I learned to play ukulele while living in Hawaii.



Our bodies are designed to heal given the right nourishment & support. 

Rest is just as important as hustle. Daily naps? Fine by me.

There are no magic bullets, but there are diet & lifestyle protocols that work.

I believe:

Request a no-pressure discovery call where we can chat about your business goals & determine if we're a good mutual fit. 

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